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Halong Bay, one of the 7 wonders   nature of the world. The attractiveness of a natural landscape is always measured by love and admiration of travelers to Halong travel . One can love one area because it is a strange fit, friendly medium, medium to medium liberal mystery. Something can not grasp, but as familiar from long ago. Halong is one such place.

Scenic Ha Long Bay

 Attractive beauty of Ha Long Bay

The beauty of Halong attraction

Explore the beautiful images of some of Halong Bay locations:

1. The beauty of Tuan Chau island – Halong Bay

Cận cảnh vẻ đẹp đảo Tuần Châu

2. Co To Island – Halong

Vẻ đẹp kiêu hãnh của đảo Cô Tô

Travel Co is the first choice that tourists choose to travel Halong Bay tour , especially the maritime discoveries. Coastal Co is a beautiful archipelago with the islands still retain features inherent natural pristine, and the island is the island’s most beautiful Coto with dreamy beaches.

3. Bai Chay Beach’s famous Halong Bay

Artificial beach is wide and beautiful close Halong Bay, sand than 500m long, 100m wide. The Gulf’s white sand and green casuarinas, attracts tourists in the cruise season.

Bãi biển Bãi Cháy vịnh Hạ Long

4. The area of Yen Tu – Halong’s beauty

Yen Tu is the cradle of Truc Lam Zen from the late 13th century with the system pagodas, shrines, towers and ancient trees swirled in nature, scattered from red to Yen Tu mountain slope.

Khu di tích lịch sử Yên Tử

If the opportunity to Halong Bay then once set foot on the tourist destination of Halong Bay offline!